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Adam Airosto

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Perfection since 1975

Spaljisten masters the art of foiling. We have the capacity and know-how to produce large volumes that meet the demands of the furniture industry. We are located in Åseda, Uppvidinge Municipality, where our story began as early as 1975.

Our original product strategy and business concept was to manufacture veneered trellises (spaljée in Swedish) to supply the flourishing domestic construction and housing market which, at the time, was lacking manufacturing capacity for this type of product.

In the 1980s, Spaljisten invested in a new technology that was relatively unproven in Sweden and it wasn’t until a year or so later that business started to pick up in the construction sector. The technology shift would eventually bear fruit and lay the foundation for the company’s continued development.

Ownership, staff and organisation

Spaljisten AB is owned 100% by the business concern Surewood Industries AB which also includes the companies Anebyhusgruppen AB and KG-List AB. Our aspiration has been, and continues to be, to support an organisational structure with a strong customer focus and short decision-making paths. The company’s board consists of chairmen, three directors and two union representatives. Spaljisten’s management team includes our CEO, Head of Finance, Head och Marketing and Sales, Key Account Manager, CTO, Purchasing and Logistics Manager, Production Manager and HR Manager.

Our values

Our values ​​form the basis of our business. It describes what we stand for but also the future direction and pursuit of sustainability and how we act internally and externally. Here you can read more about our values.

Spaljistens values

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”Spaljisten is a company that manufactures world class fronts for furniture with the next generation in mind.”
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”To be a partner of innovation for our customers, with focus on development and manufacturing laminated products.”
At a glance – 2021


MSEK 516,1


MSEK 6,6


4 740 007

135 tonnes


Spaljisten was founded in 1975 by Rolf and Anita Malmquist in Åseda, located in the heart of Småland, Sweden. The original strategy and business concept was to manufacture veneered trellises (spaljée in Swedish) to supply the flourishing domestic construction that was lacking manufacturing capacity at the time.


In the 1980s, Spaljisten invested in a new technology that was relatively unproven in Sweden and it wasn’t until a year or so later that business started to pick up in the construction sector. The technology shift would eventually bear fruit and lay the foundation for the company’s continued development.


We are starting a development project with IKEA that will result in a new series of kitchen fronts. This is the start of the collaboration with IKEA. More investments are being made and the workforce is being expanded.


The factory area is doubled from 1500 to 3000 m², investments in a new sheathing machine and the workforce is now about 30 people.


We are named "Supplier of the Year" by IKEA for our good performance in price, delivery and quality issues. The prize money is mainly invested in IT equipment.


We focus on the manufacture of fronts and simpler furniture, which means that deliveries to the house / construction market ends.


Spaljisten is now owned by Active Invest Sweden AB. Over the years they have established a good knowledge of the Swedish wood industry through the various wood industries it owns. A subgroup, Surewood Industries has been formed, where the companies engaged in industrial wood processing of various kinds have been brought together.


Larger investments in both built and groundbreaking technology that broadens capacity. We can now also coat thicker foils and offer more processed finished products.


We are investing in a larger CTS facility and can now saw all board material ourselves.


Several capacity-increasing investments are made, among other things to ensure the market's high quality requirements on, for example, fronts for kitchen and bathroom fittings.


Approved kitchen supplier at IKEA. It is a big and important step for us forward!


Start-up of kitchen production for IKEA


We sign agreements with the UK's largest player in the kitchen segment.


We win the "Show the Way" award. Spaljisten awarded the employer of the year for the region. Spaljisten is also investing in a new saw for kitchen fronts.


Spaljisten is planning to make investments in excess of SEK 300 million during the next few years in order to fulfill both the frame agreement and their business plan. The factory goes from 35,000 to 41,500 square meters



Implementation of investments in expanded production facility, capacity and capacity thanks to new machines in high-gloss foiling, processing, AGVs and packing.



Our capacity is 10,000,000 fronts / year. Spaljistens is growing with its customers, both existing and new.



The automation projects enable Spaljisten's goal to be the world's best on fronts through automated internal logistics and automated high storage (automated storage or Cloud Storage).



Spaljisten continues its growth journey by offering new technological solutions to the market.



We double our sales and set our sights on the future.


I have worked at Spaljisten for 2 years and I feel great. Everyone is kind and we have fun together and respect each other.

I have also had the opportunity to develop and test new tasks and learn new machines during my time here, which feels good.

I think Spaljisten is a great employer.

Zekaris Jimie
Machine operator

I have worked here for over 30 years and have always enjoyed it.

We are a good bunch who work here and we have fun together. I have an active and varied job with many different work tasks.

Over the years, I have gotten to test many different machines and areas but always found my way back to the packing flow. I feel that I have a safe and stable employer that invests in us as employees.

Malin Rosenholm
Machine operator

I really like my job, no two days are the same and the days just fly by.

I meet and get the opportunity to collaborate with many of our employees during the day on both an operational and strategic level.

As an employer, I experience that Spaljisten works actively with skills development in various ways and is concerned about having a good working environment and a pleasant climate. I think these are crucial factors for a company to succeed in the long run.

Åsa Svensson

We are in an exciting expansion phase where we are investing for the future.

In this, we now work with many projects such as expansion and new machine lines.

Projects like these in combination with the daily business development where we have challenges, but above all great opportunities ahead, make Spaljisten a company where I both want to be involved and contribute, and develop at.

Andreas Gullberg
IT Manager


Training in Society-Oriented Professional Swedish

Our employees are our most important resource. We strive for everyone to have the right conditions to thrive, succeed and develop at their job. One way we work to increase diversity in the workplace is that we offer language training in Professional Swedish.


Adam Airosto takes over as the new CEO of Spaljisten

Adam Airosto starts as the new CEO of Spaljisten AB. With extensive experience in leading roles in the manufacturing industry, he takes on the role of CEO of Spaljisten with the task of leading and driving the company's continued development with the vision of being a world-class front manufacturer with the next generation in mind.


A puzzle piece in sustainability work and confidence in the future

For half a year now, Sofie Åkerberg has been working as Sustainability Manager at Spaljisten. She entered on a wave of new energy and dived straight into the world of wood, chipboard and foil wrapping. It is a broad role that she has taken on – seeing over matters of work environment, safety, and sustainability, as well as improvements in all these areas.


Foil slitter helping to optimize the material flow at Spaljisten

Spaljisten's highly automated production facility in Åseda, Småland, is in continuous development. One of the latest innovations in Spaljisten is a foil cutter, an industry-specific machine that we can greatly benefit from.


We care - Spaljisten's Sustainability Report 2021

Spaljisten now presents the Sustainability Report for 2021. The Sustainability Report presents our development over the past year and explains how we work with sustainability in our operations.


Successful collaboration in automation - Gladpack packing line inaugurated by Spaljisten and Automationsteknik

After an intensive project work of several years in collaboration between Spaljisten and Automationsteknik, the world-unique packing line Gladpack is inaugurated in Spaljisten's facility in Åseda on March 2!


The big picture and people behind the numbers

Malin Kirejs Hellbjer has been working with everything that has to do with finances at Spaljisten for a year now. How has her first year in Spaljisten been and what excites her in her work and life?


Our products endure most things in life

Sustainability is close to our hearts at Spaljisten – a work that never ends. We aim higher and work for more innovative solutions to reach the next level in our production.


Change of CEO at Spaljisten AB

Florim Albborn will end his employment as the CEO of Spaljisten AB. The Board has appointed Fabio Pedrazzi as the new CEO of Spaljisten AB.


Innovative solutions and some aces up the sleeve

We find solutions that combine the customer's interest and needs with the conditions that exist in the production and in the materials we use.