Change of CEO at Spaljisten AB

Fabio Pedrazzi starts as the CEO of Spaljisten on the 13th of September.

Florim Albborn will end his employment as the CEO of Spaljisten AB. The Board has appointed Fabio Pedrazzi as the new CEO of Spaljisten AB.

- We are grateful for Florim's efforts during this phase of the company's development. We have secured valuable customer agreements in place and resolved the financing of a sizable investment of SEK 330 million that the company is now implementing, during Florim's time as CEO. Productivity and quality have improved, internal scrapping has decreased, and the management team has strengthened in several areas. These improvements have created conditions for us to now be able to take the next step in our development, says Johan Enocson, Chairman of the Board and owner.

During the next phase, we need to materialize the increased capacity and capability that our new investments provide, through an extended focus on product development, marketing, and export sales. The Board has appointed Fabio Pedrazzi as the new CEO of Spaljisten AB to fulfil this assignment.

Fabio Pedrazzi, who holds an MSc. in Industrial Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology, and an MSc. in Economics and Business Administration from Stockholm University School of Business, comes most recently from the Hilti Group. At Hilti, he has held various roles like the Global Head of Industrial Business at the headquarters in Liechtenstein, where he developed new customer and product segments for the group. He has also been Marketing and Sales Director in Hilti's Swedish organization. Before that, Fabio was an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company and helped clients from various sectors make strategic and commercial decisions.

- With his documented experience of leadership, product development, marketing and sales in an international environment, Fabio will be able to make a strong contribution to achieving our long-term goals. Therefore, we are looking forward to building on Spaljisten's exciting development journey under Fabio's leadership, says Johan Enocson.

- I feel honoured to become part of Team Spaljisten, and excited to build on the solid foundation created in recent years. The passion and experience of our employees, and our strong supplier- and customer partnerships make a great platform for sustainable growth. Together we will take Spaljisten to the next level, says Fabio Pedrazzi.

Fabio starts on the 13th of September.

Press contact, Johan Enocson, 070-605 80 43 johan.enocson@surewood.se



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