Florim Mustafa new CEO of Spaljisten

On 1 February, Florim Mustafa took over as CEO of Spaljisten. Florim’s previous employer was PostNord Strålfors, where he was site manager.

After four years, Niklas Lundin is leaving the role of CEO of Spaljisten to become CEO of Anebyhusgruppen AB, a company in the same group. In addition to his new position, Niklas will also join the board of Spaljisten.

Spaljisten has mastered the art of foil wrapping. We have the capacity and the capability to manufacture everything from simpler small-scale product runs to complex furniture designs in very large volumes.

Spaljisten was founded in 1975 by Rolf and Anita Malmquist in Åseda, a small town in the heart of the Swedish province of Småland.

We generate annual sales in excess of SEK 500 million, boast 140 proud employees, have production facilities measuring 35,000 m² and are owned by Active Invest Sweden AB.



The big picture and people behind the numbers

Malin Kirejs Hellbjer has been working with everything that has to do with finances at Spaljisten for a year now. How has her first year in Spaljisten been and what excites her in her work and life?


Our products endure most things in life

Sustainability is close to our hearts at Spaljisten – a work that never ends. We aim higher and work for more innovative solutions to reach the next level in our production.


Change of CEO at Spaljisten AB

Florim Albborn will end his employment as the CEO of Spaljisten AB. The Board has appointed Fabio Pedrazzi as the new CEO of Spaljisten AB.


Innovative solutions and some aces up the sleeve

We find solutions that combine the customer's interest and needs with the conditions that exist in the production and in the materials we use.


Handleless furniture fronts

We will continue to develop Spaljisten and launch our ambitious plans for 2022-2026. This involves the expansion of our factory areas in Åseda, new lines for foiling with J-profiling, edge processing, internal logistics and packaging, innovations, sustainable materials and of course – further product development.


We care - Spaljistens Sustainability report 2020

Spaljisten now presents the sustainability report with the combined financial report for 2020. The Sustainability Report explains our development over the past year and clarifies how we work actively with sustainability in our operations.


He speaks the customer voice

This past year has really tried us. The world changed rapidly over night, and much will forever be transformed. We do all need to cross through outer circumstances at regular basis and this is exactly what belongs to Ulf's everyday work. With an agile mindset he set new targets and goals.


Thinner, Lighter & Recycled - Sustainability the new normal

The starting point for the project was in 2019, Spaljistens global leading furniture customer were asking for a new “green” kitchen front and where all materials should have a share of minimum 50% recycled content.


At Spaljisten quality is a top priority

High production pace demands multiple quality inspections throughout the manufacturing process. From the beginning to the end, all steps are important for a perfect result.


These fingers feels the quality

This year he has worked at Spaljisten for a full 35 years. A lot has changed since then but some things have remained the same, we still produce fronts for kitchens.