Pressrelease: Spaljisten places a large order to Automationsteknik

Spaljisten AB places an order for two highly automated packing and palletizing solutions for 50 million SEK during the Corona crisis.

Spaljisten continues to invest for the future by ordering two super-modern packing and palletizing solutions from Automationsteknik. Through these investments, Spaljisten will greatly increase its production capacity on both kitchen and wardrobe fronts.

The projects are part of Spaljistens large investment plan to greatly increase its capacity and capability. The goal of the investment plan is to further strengthen the Spaljistens position as one of the world's leading manufacturers of fronts for the kitchen and furniture industry. The projects start now in June 2020, with delivery during Q1 and Q3 2021 respectively.

– Spaljisten continues to invest to strengthen its position and profitability. Spaljisten and Automationsteknik have a long and successful partnership for many years,” says Florim Albborn, CEO at Spaljisten.

– Together, we continue to develop our business in terms of profitable growth and competitiveness in the market. It is the single largest deal for Automationsteknik of all time and with this we also ensure our growth that we have as a goal in the coming years. This order created the need for recruitment of new employees. So, in the middle of the tough Corona crisis, we have hired 10 new employees, which is very gratifying,” says Jonas Fischer, CEO at Automationsteknik.


About the project

– Our goal with the project is to be at the forefront of packing fronts. We had to challenge takt times, setup and change over between different products etc. Together with Automationsteknik, we have worked out an innovative solution,” says Tomas Lundberg, project manager at Spaljisten.

– In addition to the large product range and fast takt time, the major challenges of the projects are also to achieve user-friendly and quick setup and change overs between different products. In our close collaboration with Spaljisten we use VR technology where we can quickly test the solution already at the design stage. Thus, operators, maintenance technicians etc. can provide their feedback directly,” says Henrik Fredman, project manager at Automationsteknik.


In picture: Jonas Fischer, CEO at Automationsteknik and Florim Albborn, CEO at Spaljisten

About Spaljisten AB

Spaljistens’ core business is to foil wrap particleboards using different types of foil to different types of sheet material. Spaljisten manufactures everything from simpler to more complex furniture fronts in very large volumes to the highest quality requirements.

Spaljisten was founded in 1975 in Åseda, Småland and has today 150 employees and a turnover of 565 million SEK in 2019 on a production area of approximately 35,000 m2. Spaljisten AB is part of Surewood Industries AB, which is part of the Active Invest group with headquarters in Stockholm.


About Automationsteknik AB

Automationsteknik is a company that performs everything from technical consulting services to "Turn-Key" solutions, with the main focus on the process, wood, engineering and food industries.

Automationsteknik was founded in 1994 in Hässleholm and has today 42 employees and a turnover of 43 million SEK. 2019. Automationsteknik AB is part of Levinsgruppen AB with headquarters in Hässleholm.


For more information, visit us at: www.automationsteknik.com



Think big but act small

As the future changes it is necessary for us to understand how it also affect our customers’ expectations.


The road towards a more sustainable kitchen front

Talking about sustainability is in many ways complicated but at the same time very simple. We always work with the next generation in mind and this leads us in our choices towards a more sustainable production and end product. This is how we manufactured our most sustainable kitchen front so far.


CFO with a focus on the future

We are strengthening our team with Malin Kirejs Hellbjer, who joined us as Chief Financial Officer at Spaljisten. Malin also works at one of our sibling companies in the group, KG-list, where she has the same role.


Spaljisten collaborates with TEXO in new automated logistics solutions

Spaljisten has placed orders for new automated logistics solutions for handling large volumes in the factory in Åseda and has signed an agreement with TEXO from Älmhult. Together with TEXO, we have developed very good solutions for moving large volumes internally in the factory with safety and durability in mind.


Spaljisten choose Granflo Bygg AB to build a production facility

Spaljisten continues to invest in the future and now by expanding its premises from 35,000 to 41,500 sq.m. Granflo Bygg AB is entrusted with building a new modern production facility


Made in Sweden from more sustainable sources

Climate-smart materials such as wood and recycled plastic creates a positive ripple effect for our environment. Our vision to “manufacture fronts of the highest quality and with the next generation in mind” pushes us to produce more sustainable fronts. PET-bottle and plastic recycling also give us the opportunity to use plastic with a reduced energy consumption.


New AEO permit provides increased security for physical and digital intrusion

AEO stands for "Authorized Economic Operator" and is an EU joint permit. The purpose of the permit is to create increased security in the world, as well as to harmonise the customs administration in the EU. In the spring of 2020, Spaljisten was able to implement both AEOC - Customs simplifications and AEOS - Security and safety permit.


We care - Spaljistens Sustainability report 2019

Spaljisten now presents the sustainability report with the combined financial report for 2019. The Sustainability Report explains our development over the past year and clarifies how we work actively with sustainability in our operations.


Spaljisten and HOMAG continue their 45 years successful journey

Spaljisten has ordered a Laminating Line from HOMAG. With this investment Spaljisten will become a complete supplier of laminated boards, both as panels and ready made fronts, including the fast growing trend of fronts with integrated handles.


Back at 100% production - We are looking for Head of Technology and Innovation

Spring 2020 was unique in its kind for us, and for the whole world. Corona pandemic has affected us as well as several with us. The uncertainty is noticeable how the future will develop, but we have great confidence and we continue to invest in our production!