Spaljisten collaborates with TEXO in new automated logistics solutions

The picture shows Johan Fröberg, Key Account Manager on Texo och Tomas Lundberg, Projectleader on Splajisten.

Spaljisten in collaboration with TEXO continues its automation journey in the factory in Åseda with new logistics solutions.

Spaljisten has placed orders for new automated logistics solutions for handling large volumes in the factory in Åseda and has signed an agreement with TEXO from Älmhult. Together with TEXO, we have developed very good solutions for moving large volumes internally in the factory with safety and durability in mind.

The project is part of Spaljisten's large investment plan to greatly expand its capacity and capability. The goal of the investment plan is to further strengthen Spaljisten's position as one of the world's leading manufacturers of fronts for the kitchen and furniture industry. The project will be implemented during 2020.

– The collaboration with TEXO is long and successful. In 2019, stage 1 of the project was completed with an order value of SEK 3 million. Step 2 of the project will be implemented in 2020 to an order value of SEK 14 million, while step 3 will be projected in the autumn for implementation in 2021, ” says Florim Albborn, CEO for Spaljisten.

–We are very happy about the trust that Spaljisten has given us for the further development of their internal logistics. With great automation in our systems, this is proof that we can help Spaljisten achieve even better efficiency and profitability in its operations. For TEXO, this strengthens the order backlog in this problematic time of Corona pademic. Its extra fun that we normally have a large export share in our projects but we can now deliver locally in Småland! Together with Spaljisten, we see future potential steps forward in their development. ” says Anders Svensson, CEO for TEXO AB.

About the  project

–By automating our flows in the freight department, we can reduce the burden on operators so that they can put more focus on monitoring the process. And that we improve the working environment by removing manual handling of goods. Furthermore, we are also preparing so that it will be easy to expand the inventory system for future investments. ” says Tomas Lundberg, projectleader for Spaljisten.

–It feels good to help Spaljisten increase the degree of automation with more efficient production flows at the same time as we improve the safety and ergonomics for their operators. All our delivered components and units, including software, are customized and tailored to Spaljisten's wishes. As this is a project that extends over several years, we implement different parts of the production in the same system step by step. There, our scalable and expandable concept fits perfectly and Spaljisten can grow with us at its own pace. ” says Johan Fröberg, Key Account Manager on TEXO.


About Spaljisten AB

Spaljisten’s core competence is so-called sheathing, ie applying a foil to different types of board material. Spaljisten manufactures everything from simpler- to more complex furniture fronts in very large volumes to the highest quality requirements.

Spaljisten was founded in 1975 in Åseda, Småland and have 150 employees today and had a turnover of SEK 565 million in 2019 on a production area of approximately 35,000 m2. Spaljisten AB en is part of Surewood Industries AB, which is part of the Active Invest Group with headquarters in Stockholm.


About TEXO

TEXO was founded in 1943 and is an international leading manufacturer of industrial weaving machines and automated material handling systems for internal logistics.

TEXO's solutions are customized, tailored and intelligent as well as cost-effective products that increase customer productivity.

As an international company, TEXO today has customers and partners all over the world. We currently have about 50 employees at the head office in Älmhult and about 10 employees at our subsidiaries in the USA and China.


For more information, visit: www.texo.se



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Adam Airosto starts as the new CEO of Spaljisten AB. With extensive experience in leading roles in the manufacturing industry, he takes on the role of CEO of Spaljisten with the task of leading and driving the company's continued development with the vision of being a world-class front manufacturer with the next generation in mind.


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Foil slitter helping to optimize the material flow at Spaljisten

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Successful collaboration in automation - Gladpack packing line inaugurated by Spaljisten and Automationsteknik

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