Thinner, Lighter & Recycled - Sustainability the new normal

Dieter Bauer, REHAU Senior Engineer edgebands

Spaljisten have together with REHAU been running a project converting all their edgebands to thinner, lighter and recycled.

The starting point for the project was in 2019, Spaljistens global leading furniture customer were asking for a new “green” kitchen front and where all materials should have a share of minimum 50% recycled content. Spaljisten worked together with their partners, such as REHAU and found a way to produce the edgeband with 50% post-industry-recycled PP (Polypropylene). The product has been well accepted by the end consumer and the market. In the next step the focus was on making all edgebands a bit thinner, which led to a reduction from 0,7 mm to 0,5 mm as well as from 1,5 mm to 1,0 mm.

"Sustainability has a long history at REHAU and is part of our corporate philosophy. High quality polymers, used correctly, contribute to longlasting solutions and should be regarded as valuable materials” says Daniel Elfe-Degel, Head of Product Management Edgebands and Project Manager Sustainable Edgebands for the Furniture Solutions Division REHAU.

RAUKANTEX eco is an innovative, high-quality and durable product line and a significant step towards becoming more sustainable. It is made of 50% post-industrial recycled materials and at the same time fulfils all our specifications in terms of colour, surface and processability. This is a major success of our engineers.

"With RAUKANTEX eco, we have not made any concessions regarding the requirements for colour and decor fidelity and processing properties. The edgeband can be processed like any REHAU PP edgeband has the same qualitative properties - and it matches the surface just as perfectly as all other RAUKANTEX edgebands” says Dieter Bauer, Senior Engineer edgebands REHAU.

In addition to the new products, REHAU's holistic sustainability concept naturally also includes other aspects: employees, health safety of raw materials, packaging, raw material purchasing, or energy efficiency are of course also considered. For example, the production of REHAU edgebands in the European plants already takes place with climate-neutral electricity.

I samband med att tekniken utvecklas har vi kunnat vara med och ta fram nästa generation folie av återvunnen PET-plast

Bodarp – a more sustainable kitchen front

What is the effect with this achievement for Spaljisten?

"In this project we have really met ours and our customer expectations and goals when it comes to thinner, lighter and recycled. We use 30% less material and over 50% is recycled” says Johan Engström Business Development Manager at Spaljisten.

The sustainability work at Spaljisten is for real. The goals are set high and to get there needs hard work and a strive for sustainability in practice. It is understood that much remains to be done and therefore are the daily improvement work and the will to constantly move forward important.

"We push hard to get materials, our production and delivery to be as sustainable as possible. This can only be achieved by working with the best” Johan Engström continues.


What is your view on the collaboration with Spaljisten?

“To cooperate with Spaljisten in the field of sustainability is rewarding, because Spaljisten is a customer who not only talks about it but also consistently implements it. Together we have pushed the boundaries of what is possible and taken the first steps in creating new innovative products that meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Overall, the cooperation is very partnership-based and therefore very constructive and fruitful for both sides.” says Dieter Bauer, Senior Engineer edgebands REHAU.


We are sure that this project will be a business driver for both our companies in the future. It will also profit the end consumer and in the long run, the planet.



About Spaljisten AB


Spaljistens’ core business is to foil wrap particleboards using different types of foil and various technical solutions producing a broad variety of products in very large volumes according to the highest quality standards.

Spaljisten was founded in 1975 in Åseda, Sweden having a factory floor of 43.000 m2 with 150 employees and a turnover of EUR 55 million. Spaljisten is part of Surewood Industries AB and the Active Invest group.

For more information, please contact: Florim Albborn, CEO
Phone +46 474-547 01 | E-post: florim.albborn@spaljisten.se





The REHAU Group is a polymer specialist with annual sales of around EUR 3.5 billion. The independent, privately held company has approximately 20,000 employees at more than 170 locations worldwide. The company employs 12,000 people throughout Europe and 8,000 in Germany. For more than 70 years, REHAU has been working on making polymer products lighter, more comfortable, safer and more efficient. The company manufactures solutions for construction, automotive and industry and supplies its innovative products throughout the world.

For more information, please visit: www.rehau.com






Adam Airosto takes over as the new CEO of Spaljisten

Adam Airosto starts as the new CEO of Spaljisten AB. With extensive experience in leading roles in the manufacturing industry, he takes on the role of CEO of Spaljisten with the task of leading and driving the company's continued development with the vision of being a world-class front manufacturer with the next generation in mind.


A puzzle piece in sustainability work and confidence in the future

For half a year now, Sofie Åkerberg has been working as Sustainability Manager at Spaljisten. She entered on a wave of new energy and dived straight into the world of wood, chipboard and foil wrapping. It is a broad role that she has taken on – seeing over matters of work environment, safety, and sustainability, as well as improvements in all these areas.


Foil slitter helping to optimize the material flow at Spaljisten

Spaljisten's highly automated production facility in Åseda, Småland, is in continuous development. One of the latest innovations in Spaljisten is a foil cutter, an industry-specific machine that we can greatly benefit from.


We care - Spaljisten's Sustainability Report 2021

Spaljisten now presents the Sustainability Report for 2021. The Sustainability Report presents our development over the past year and explains how we work with sustainability in our operations.


Successful collaboration in automation - Gladpack packing line inaugurated by Spaljisten and Automationsteknik

After an intensive project work of several years in collaboration between Spaljisten and Automationsteknik, the world-unique packing line Gladpack is inaugurated in Spaljisten's facility in Åseda on March 2!


The big picture and people behind the numbers

Malin Kirejs Hellbjer has been working with everything that has to do with finances at Spaljisten for a year now. How has her first year in Spaljisten been and what excites her in her work and life?


Our products endure most things in life

Sustainability is close to our hearts at Spaljisten – a work that never ends. We aim higher and work for more innovative solutions to reach the next level in our production.


Change of CEO at Spaljisten AB

Florim Albborn will end his employment as the CEO of Spaljisten AB. The Board has appointed Fabio Pedrazzi as the new CEO of Spaljisten AB.


Innovative solutions and some aces up the sleeve

We find solutions that combine the customer's interest and needs with the conditions that exist in the production and in the materials we use.


Handleless furniture fronts

We will continue to develop Spaljisten and launch our ambitious plans for 2022-2026. This involves the expansion of our factory areas in Åseda, new lines for foiling with J-profiling, edge processing, internal logistics and packaging, innovations, sustainable materials and of course – further product development.