Training in Society-Oriented Professional Swedish

Participants in society-oriented professional Swedish

Our employees are our most important resource, and we strive for everyone to have the right conditions to thrive, succeed and develop at their job. 

As a part of the continuous efforts, we are carrying out a project in language training for new Swedes in working life. We offer our employees the possibility to participate in training in Society-Oriented Professional Swedish. The course is intended for employees who wish to increase their knowledge of Swedish in order to develop in their profession. We offer the course in collaboration with our sister company KG List, and employees from both companies participate in the training together. In addition, we enable half of the course to be completed during working hours.

The training aims to improve the Swedish language by using the company's policy, routines, and safety regulations in teaching, among other things. Education also covers cultural differences such as rights and obligations in society and the workplace.

Just before Christmas 2022, yet another group completed their education at Uppvidinge Lärcenter. According to Samuel and Mengstlab from KG List, it's a good education and a good way to learn about society.

You get to know the rules better,
Samuel and Mengstlab agree.

Niyat, who works at Spaljisten, says that she has learned about what it was like to live in Sweden in the past compared to today.

I have become unafraid to speak Swedish,
Niyat concludes.

As a result of the course, the employees develop linguistically, while we all contribute to increased safety, productivity, and inclusion in the workplace. All participants receive a certificate after completing the training.



We care - Spaljisten's Sustainability Report 2022

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Get to know the Spaljisten production - automated corrugated pallet line

Welcome in to our highly automated production facility! Since 2018, we have a corrugated pallet line for packing furniture fronts on corrugated pallets, i.e. extra light pallets made of corrugated cardboard. As is the standard in our production in Åseda - this process is of course automated.


Start of Production on the HGL II line

Spaljisten has reached the SOP milestone with the new foil wrapping line HGL II from HOMAG. It is a substantial milestone in the project which means the production line can now officially be used for manufacturing foiled fronts.


Adam Airosto takes over as the new CEO of Spaljisten

Adam Airosto starts as the new CEO of Spaljisten AB. With extensive experience in leading roles in the manufacturing industry, he takes on the role of CEO of Spaljisten with the task of leading and driving the company's continued development with the vision of being a world-class front manufacturer with the next generation in mind.


A puzzle piece in sustainability work and confidence in the future

For half a year now, Sofie Åkerberg has been working as Sustainability Manager at Spaljisten. She entered on a wave of new energy and dived straight into the world of wood, chipboard and foil wrapping. It is a broad role that she has taken on – seeing over matters of work environment, safety, and sustainability, as well as improvements in all these areas.


Foil slitter helping to optimize the material flow at Spaljisten

Spaljisten's highly automated production facility in Åseda, Småland, is in continuous development. One of the latest innovations in Spaljisten is a foil cutter, an industry-specific machine that we can greatly benefit from.


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Successful collaboration in automation - Gladpack packing line inaugurated by Spaljisten and Automationsteknik

After an intensive project work of several years in collaboration between Spaljisten and Automationsteknik, the world-unique packing line Gladpack is inaugurated in Spaljisten's facility in Åseda on March 2!


The big picture and people behind the numbers

Malin Kirejs Hellbjer has been working with everything that has to do with finances at Spaljisten for a year now. How has her first year in Spaljisten been and what excites her in her work and life?


Our products endure most things in life

Sustainability is close to our hearts at Spaljisten – a work that never ends. We aim higher and work for more innovative solutions to reach the next level in our production.